White Rose Festival Leeds 7 July 2012

White Rose Festival - A fun day out
In early July 2012 a team of 13 dancers from the club participated in the 58th Leeds White Rose Festival, an annual outside event of mass Scottish Country dancing held at a Leeds school. Two of us from the club went along last year and joined one of the Leeds teams; we enjoyed it so much and decided it was a must for our club to enter a team. The event is not a competition but a gathering of dancers from around the country, Leicester, Newcastle, Cheshire to name but a few, and the aim is to dance in the open air with everybody dancing the same dance at the same time. So we all had to learn our dances! The theme for this year was dances associated with Leeds, many of which we hadn’t danced before, but our “team” took up the challenge and danced their socks off! In addition to the massed dancing there were demonstrations of Highland dancing (something to aim for!) and from young children just starting to learn Scottish Country dancing. The music was fantastic, played by George Meikle and the Lothian Band and some of the highland dancing was danced to the bagpipes.

Owing to torrential rain during the week preceding the festival and causing the sports field to flood, the dancing this year had to be inside the school’s massive sports hall but this didn’t dampen the spirits of the dancers. All in all it was a great day and our team certainly did themselves proud.

As if dancing during the afternoon wasn’t enough, we all stayed for the evening dance with music again from George Meikle and the Lothian Band, an excellent evening.

Thanks to Angela for her patience during the team practices in the weeks running up to the festival, at times she must have thought we would never grasp some of those dances!!

Feedback from team members has all been positive and I think we will be going again next year! (A date for your diary Saturday 13th July 2013)